Friday, January 8, 2016

Swords And Souls 2

Swords And Souls 2 is the second version of Swords and souls. Both of them are fighting games which can make you so exciting.

swords and souls 2

In Swords And Souls 2, you needn’t think so much and the battles are not very violent, so it is very suitable if you want to play a game to relax.
In the game, you are an ancient Roman warrior who dreams of being a hero. Your mission is to makes his dream come true.
To complete this mission, you have to train him so hard. You have to continue training whenever you have free time. Then, you must join in battles to see your progress after a long time under hard training.
In Swords And Souls 2, there are five training lessons.
The first lesson is strength with the symbol is a sword. In this lesson, a scarecrow attacks you with apples. When the apples almost reach you, use your weapons to cut them. Use arrow keys to control your character. This lesson helps you improve your attacking skill.

Swords And Souls

The second lesson is block which improves your defending skill. You have to use the shield to protect yourself from the flying apples. The apples will approach in many ways from the left, from the right, from the above, form the below. Additionally, the flying speed of the apples will increase gradually.

Swords And Souls

The third lesson is accuracy. You have to use an archery and arrows to shoot the targets. It tests how accurately you can aim at the targets. The targets appear in turn anywhere on your screen. You must shoot all of them and try your best to not to make mistake.

Swords And Souls

The forth lesson is dodge.It shows your skill in avoiding attacks. In this lesson, you have to avoid the scarecrow’s hit. The scarecrow hits you by its head, its arm and its leg, which means you are hit on the head, the chest and the leg. Try to press the key on time to make a perfect evasion.

Swords And Souls Game

The final lesson is critical. It strengthens your critical attacks, makes your attacks stronger and more accurate. When the scarecrow says mouse, you must click the mouse and your warrior will attack the scarecrow. When the scarecrow says death’s head, if you click the mouse, you will be hurt.

Swords And Souls Game

What about playing the game now and test your skill?
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