Monday, December 21, 2015

Swords And Souls Walkthrough

If you want a fighting game but the battles mustn’t be so violent, there is no better choice than Swords and souls. It is so interesting that you may fall in love with it immediately.
In Swords And Souls Walkthrough, you will play as an ancient Roman warrior who is under training to become a hero of his country.

Swords And Souls
First, click play to start the game and after that, you can choose your character’s hair color, hair style, facial hair color and his name. Then, click ok and you will be guided to the arena to begin your first battle in this game. Coming in the arena, you have to join in the first battle, at which you can check your strength.

Swords And Souls Game

You will not have to control your warrior to fight because he and his enemies take turn to attack automatically. You will lose in this first battle, and then, you will be led to the training room where you will start your training to be a hero. There, you will do the two first training lessons. When finishing training, come back to the arena to have another try.

Swords And Souls Game

At the second time fighting, you will win. Then you will have to use the reward money of the first battle to go shopping for some necessary armory. After that, museum and your house will appear on the map. You can go there whenever you want to.

swords and souls 2

When you finish all those things, come back to your training room and do the training lessons. To become a hero in the near future, you have to train very hard. The training lessons will help you very much when you face with your enemies in real battles.
After training time, you should go to the arena to see the result of your progress. If you are strong enough, you will defeat your enemy and receive a lot of valuable rewards.

Swords And Souls

Not only training or battles, you should go shopping regularly. There you can buy anything that will help you in battles, the armory are very much.
Besides, you can spend a little of your free time to find the secrets of Swords and souls or you can find the lost children. In the museum, there are hints for you to search for lost children.
Try it now and show me how patient you are!
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